Heal the World, Save the Earth

          “Did you ever start to notice?” OR

            “Did you ever not notice?”

            It saddens me how an innocent river quietly flowing along the mountainside “acquired” an unwanted waste as such.

            What is happening to the world? What is happening to the stewards of the Earth?


This is the saddest reality ever. If we can’t maintain cleanliness in small bodies of water, how much more in big bodies such as the one in K of C?

            Are we that numb or insensitive to the ravages of the Earth? Or are we totally blinded with all the luxuries of life that we tend to ditch one of God’s greatest gifts to us — the nature?

            Mother Earth is waiting for its children to CALL FOR ACTION. As caretakers of God’s creation, we do not have the right to destroy the environment. We should treasure and preserve it at all costs. After all, it is our present and future.

            So if we truly want to live a splendor and glorious life, then we must strive for a better world, for a better environment. (J. Anne Cruz)



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