Your not-so-typical girl named Ashley



I met this girl named Mariane Ashley Uy during my IT days and yes I admit, I was astonished by her achievements in life at the very young age.

My first impression that I gave before we became friends was “geek kaayo” and “mahadlok man sad ta niya kay suplada” but I guess I was wrong. Ashley is outgoing, friendly, and fun to be with. She is the type of person who wants to talk and talk and discuss random things. There was this fun side of Ashley that you’ll never imagine. You may see her serious but a big no no! (ha ha ha)

During her college days, she was an active student of Holy Name University and graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology last March 2014.

She started her career as a Web Developers’ Guild President. The knowledge that she got from tutorials and workshops became her stepping stone in her career. After that, she became as a freelancer designing jobs such as graphic design, branding, web design and illustration which helped her earn money.


As time flies, she is now working in Cebu as a back-end and front-end developer of a large IT Company there. It’s also pretty common to see her at a local tech event. Either on the field as a participant or behind the registration counter as an organizer. She had the privilege to work with the best teams of Startup Weekend, Geeks On A Beach, also with and build great communities with engaging leaders and she is very passionate and always end up loving what she do.



On the other hand, Ashley still manages her time blogging. She also earns money through blogging and social media as a service provider. But being busy with her work doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for our mother earth. “Balancing my time in work and exploring things is quite hard. But I guess it depends on how I handle my time management.” she stated. She also support organizations such as Paglaum Bohol and Help Little Tarsi.

Paglaum Bohol is a group of concerned Boholano students from Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines Dilliman and Cebu, Silliman University, Cebu Doctors University, Velez College working together to take action to provide aid and awareness about the earthquake in Bohol last Oct. 15, 2013. (Stephanie Salaysay)



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