The most remarkable bit about this Sandugo festival is that its history was characterized by the cutting of the leaders’ arms and drinking the blood thereof in a covenant type of agreement. The festival is held to honor the life of a local and revered Filipino leader, Datu Sikatuna. In the tradition then, it was believed, that it was a way of formalizing relationships and friendships.

Yet, today’s Bohol Sandugo 2016 evolves as the usual festival turn into a more specific bearing the theme “Celebration of Cultural Identity and Creative Genius”.


One of the most awaited activities among Boholanos and visitors this month is something that not only leaves a lasting impression on every visitor’s heart but more importantly their palate. International Fusion Nights 2016 has been a successful event over the 2 past years and now giving us more of what we expected.

This is an opportunity to bring in an added attraction to the month- long festivities, presenting a cultural parade and exchange of the flavor, beauty and color brought about by diversity, amity and connectivity. From July 20-27, an eight night food bazaar with almost 20 food stall booths from our local hotels, resorts and restaurants to satisfy our palate. Delicacies, dishes and specialties are made available at lower prices than usual offerings in restaurants.  Also, it includes a variety of nightly entertainment, to keep the event fun and more attractive for diners and walk-in buyers.

Line up for this year’s Fusion Night 2016 are the following: Alta Bohol Garden Resort and Convention Center, Astoria Bohol Resort, Be Grand Resort, Bluewater Panglao Resort, Bohol Shores Resort, Cake Garden, Cuisina ni Tisay, Egay’s Farm Restaurant, Gavroche French Bakery, Linaw Restaurant, Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel, Reyna’s the Haven and Gardens, T2 Bar Café and Restaurant, Tarsier Botanika, & The Bellevue Resort. Sponsors for this event are: Coca-cola, PLDT, SMART, Globe, CHAP, Bluewater Panglao Resort, Save ‘n Earn, San Miguel Brewery, Henann Resort, and Bohol Quality Mall. (JS Salaysay)

Photo courtesy: Robert Justy Alfarero

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