About the Authors

About JOE


Judith Anne Cruz is a communicator by heart. She loves anything that has to do with writing and public speaking. She is also an advocate of students’ rights and academic freedom and is a catalyst for social change. Her favorite pastime is reading fictional books, listening to classic songs and watching rom-com movies.

Judith Anne Cruz is heartily living an exceptional life, and she is definitely not your typical millennial.




Janine Stephanie Salaysay, a 19 year old couch potato who dreams to become a performer. Tipay is influenced by past, science, the universe, constellations, pop culture, indies and branded with her cuteness and fluffiness overload.

She’s into music, film, photography and HIM. Go check and follow her daily quirkiness at IG: @jstph.rs and TWITTER: @jstephsalaysay

 About BETH


Bethyl Faith Alo, a 20 year old sparky communication darling who loves creative writing and travelling. She loves writing which is written with the creativity of mind because through this she can express her thoughts and emotions.

Beth is the type of girl who is canty and optimistic about life. She believes that even how hard life is you should keep smiling because life is definitely a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

A smile is a contagious thing. Give it to the world and the world will give it back to you. 🙂


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