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TAGBILARAN CITY—- Coastal Clean-Up activity was conducted last September 16, 2016 by the Sama-Bajau at the coastal area of Barangay Totolan, Dauis.

The Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual activity to rid shorelines of garbage and raise awareness on protection of the environment. It is one of the several activities of the Bohol Chapter that implemented to address environmental issues.

The Bajau’s around the area gathered on coasts and waterways to remove trash and everyone participated actively regarding the coastal clean-up and cleaning on their surroundings as well. The Bajau’s who helped on the said activity will receive a food pack based on their attendance. The activity results will aid in better waste management policies, plans, and in stirring environmental consciousness among the people.

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Nowadays, everyone must cooperate and volunteer in any activity that tackles about environment stated by the Day Care worker of Sama-Bajau Ms. Marife Melencion, hence it is not just ordinary activity but by the help of this coastal clean-up and by the Bajau community they can overcome the difficulties in dealing with the garbage in shorelines especially in their areas for everyone’s betterment. (Bethyl Faith Alo)


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