ALSWDOPI Monthly Conference

ALSWDOPI Monthly Conference was held on August 26, 2016 at the JJ’s Seafood’s Restaurant that was spearheaded by the PSWDO Head Mrs. Carmelita Tecson.

During the conference the representatives of Couples for Christ (CFC) presented their program proposal for Bohol’s Drug surrenderees. The special guests were Mr. Ramon Arguellas from National Training for Boys (Boys town) and Mr. Francisco Ureta, from Couples for Christ (CFC). They pointed out to their discussion the importance to know that an addiction is associated with other addictions and to understand that in drug addiction, “how you think is how you behave”.

In the meeting they also tackled about the needs assessment for the Implementation of Comprehensive Substance Abuse Surrenderees Program. Synergy of Social Welfare and Development Programs and other Matters such as the activity that was done which is the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and the concerns rose regarding the Galing Purok Award.

It was highlighted during the presentation that the Provincial Government of Bohol is decisive to have a comprehensive rehabilitation program for Persons with Substance Abused Disorders (PSAD). These interventions were Center Based Rehabilitation, Out Patient Rehabilitation and Community Based Recovery Suppose System. It was also stressed out during the meeting the Center for Drug Education and Counseling (CDEC) and the BOOTCAMP Psychological Program for Drug Surrenderees as well as the Matrix IOP Approach (MIOP) .

Moreover, they welcome more volunteers to solve our illegal drug menance and looking forward for the finalization of the different kinds of programs needed to be implemented for the Provincial Government’s rehabilitation program for the betterment of those illegal drug dependents primarily to lead them to the roadmap to recovery. (Bethyl Faith Alo)


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