Bohol Cooperatives to sign contract with competitive power supplier

Bohol’s Governor, Edgar Chatto witnessed a very important event in the power sector in Bohol as electric cooperatives BOHECO I and BOHECO II enter into power supply agreements last Wednesday with ULGEI for short term and GN Power for medium term power supply.

It was initiated by the governor and the establishment of the Bohol Energy Development Advisory Group (BEDAG).
Gov. Chatto welcomed the power sector stakeholders during the contract signing, congratulated electric cooperatives and stated Bohol continues to push for interconnection with Cebu through NGCP and dreams of land-based power in favor of renewable energy source.

Also, he cited importance of sufficient, reliable and affordable power as Bohol investments continue to grow. Electric cooperatives entered into agreements with winning power suppliers at much lower base price.

For the short term power supply (2016-2018), the base rate is down from P5.34/kwh to P4.87/kwh under ULGEI and for the medium term power supply (2019-2023), the base rate is reduced from P5.50/kWh to P4.50/kWh under GN Power.

With the assistance of United States of Agency for International Development (USAID), Bohol is moving forward in addressing power supply situation through the power supply agreement.

USAID representative, John Avila also congratulated Bohol for another successful with.

They provided assistance to power sector stakeholders in going through the process of consolidating data of power demand and supply and arriving at the aggregated baseload power supply. (Stephanie Salaysay)


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